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Dentistry has truly changed over the years─ techniques are developed to be painless and risk-free, treatments are modernised and individualised to create naturally beautiful smiles that meet your smile oral health goals, and more clinics have built an inviting atmosphere to eliminate dental fear and encourage patients of all ages to visit.
While many struggled to cope, Nowra Dentists thrived. We integrated the latest in dental practice to provide you with the best dental care in Nowra. With our care, you are certain that you have found a dental clinic in Nowra that your family can trust.

About Our Team

Home to the Best Dentists in Nowra

Our dentists in Nowra invest in continuous education in their specialisations so they can create effective treatment plans. Also, we have a wide range of treatment modalities where our dentist will recommend the most suitable for you. You can find all the dental solutions you need in one roof at Nowra Dentists!

Headed by Dr. Tarak Pathak, Nowra Dentists has dedicated its practice to one thing only: our patients. By valuing you and your invested trust and loyalty in us, the rest follow. This is how we built our practice─ through patient-centred Dentistry.

Dr. Tarak Pathak

Principal Dentist

Our Services

General Dentistry

If you need a dental assessment to determine your oral health status, we have general procedures in place such as teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, and toothache treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From teeth whitening to Invisalign, our Cosmetic dentists in Nowra will create a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your dream smile!

Implant Dentistry

As an advanced tooth replacement solution, we have expert dentists in dental implants to help improve the quality of your life. With teeth implants, your smile will look more natural and functional!

About Our Team

What Sets Nowra Dentists Apart?

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Leading-edge dental clinic in Nowra

In our commitment to excellence in dental care and comprehensive Dentistry in Nowra and its surrounding communities, we have invested in only the best. From the latest in technology, most innovative techniques, and advanced skillset, Nowra Dentists have it all! This allows us to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for safe dental solutions.

Excellent patient care

We never forget the patient behind the smile. To serve you better and to meet your expectations to the best of our ability, we will spend time talking to you and learning about your goals and desires. With a team that puts your comfort first, your entire experience will be as pleasing as possible.

Accessible and affordable Dentistry

Our Nowra dentists believe that Dentistry should not be a luxury. Instead, access to quality Dentistry should be available to all. This is why we have established our practice with all patients and their lifestyles in mind. From flexible scheduling to financial arrangements, our dental clinic in Nowra has made it easy for you to get the dental care you need.

Fun and friendly environment

Dental care should be fun and enjoyable! We know some may have dental anxiety but our dental team and staff are trained to help you feel relaxed throughout your journey with us. With every visit, you will always be welcomed by name and with genuine smiles from a team that will treat you like family.

Lifetime health partners

Our commitment to your oral health and smile goals transcends the walls of the dental clinic. We have made your treatment plan to develop and maintain your healthiest smile now and into the future. We are here to serve you and your family with dental visits that keep you smiling!

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Energistically expedite interoperable action items before strategic human capital. Competently morph flexible human capital via cost effective initiatives. Authoritatively maximize

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Here at Nowra Dentists, your dental health is our top priority.

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