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Dental Crown and Bridge

All About Dental Crowns and Bridge

As a Cosmetic Dentistry treatment, Dental Crowns and Bridge help restore the beauty and function of a tooth. It also fills the space of a missing tooth to rejuvenate your smile. Crowns are an excellent option if you have one tooth that needs protection and restoration, while Bridges are for a series of teeth.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a badly damaged tooth or a tooth that underwent root canal treatment. Dental Crowns at Nowra Dentists look beautifully natural so they seamlessly blend with the rest of your teeth.

Meanwhile, if you have missing teeth, a Dental Bridge is the solution to complete your smile. It is a fixed restoration composed of 2 or more crowns that anchor a replacement tooth crown in place.

Getting Dental Crowns and Bridge

To preserve your tooth and avoid extraction, a Dental Crown is done. It is usually recommended when there is a large cavity that cannot be treated with simple dental fillings or as a final treatment after a root canal to protect the vulnerable tooth.

Your dentist will reshape the tooth to receive the bulk of the crown. Then, you may either opt for Porcelain or Porcelain Fused to Metal to complete the restoration. For a more lifelike appearance, go for All Porcelain Dental Crown!

Dental Crown

Meanwhile, like a structural bridge, a Dental Bridge “bridges” the space from missing or extracted teeth. It uses your natural teeth as a foundation to support the crown replacement between them.

The process for getting a dental bridge is almost the same as with dental crowns. However, at least 2 of your natural teeth will be reshaped to serve as the support for the bridge. Then, it will be cemented in place so you can have a full set of teeth!

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridge

Going beyond their cosmetic purposes, there are many oral health benefits that dental crowns and bridge restorations can give you. With healthy teeth and a full smile, you avoid a bunch of dental problems. Some of the health benefits that you enjoy with your new smile include:

  1. Lower risk for tooth decay and gum disease
  2. Ease in cleaning the mouth and maintaining good oral health
  3. Prevents decrease in jaw bone height
  4. Eliminates risk for pain and infection

Effective Dental crowns and bridge treatment!

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