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Cracked Teeth

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A cracked tooth can sometimes be small or harmless, while other times it can be significant enough to cause splitting of your teeth. It is common in children and may be due to several reasons such as pressure from teeth grinding or biting of hard food or ice, blows to the mouth or accidents, and weakened teeth due to aging.

But no worries because at Nowra Dentists, we have quick, easy, and budget-friendly solutions for cracked or chipped teeth! The first thing you must do is to schedule a visit with your dentist so they can assess the damage and identify the best way to solve it.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

When you visit our Nowra dental clinic with cracked or chipped teeth, our dentist will first have to understand a few things so they can provide you with the best care and treatment solutions.

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Small- to mid-sized cracked teeth are those that can be small to fairly large in size. But severely cracked teeth are those that have reached the inside of the tooth, involving the pulp. It may also present with bleeding and severe pain.

Treatment for Cracked Teeth at Nowra Dentists

The first thing to do is to disinfect the area to prevent bacteria from causing further problems. Then, depending on the severity of the case, your dentist at Nowra may recommend a dental filling, full coverage restoration, or root canal treatment.

Tooth-coloured dental fillings are advised for small- to mid-sized cracked teeth. Your dentist at Nowra will first reshape the tooth to receive the dental filling. Then, the best filling shade will be selected so the restoration will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. The filling will be shaped as naturally as possible and it will be cured in place to fully renew your smile!

Dental crowns or full coverage restorations may also be done if the fracture is too large for a composite filling to fix. To reinstate the tooth structure, rejuvenate its function, and protect it from further damage, a porcelain or gold crown is “capped” on the tooth.

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Meanwhile, root canal treatment at Nowra Dentists is advised if the damage is too large and the pulp is exposed. An exposed pulp is extremely painful and has a high chance of infection because it is where blood vessels and nerves are. To avoid this, the tooth must be cleaned and sealed. Then, a dental crown will be placed to complete the repair.

Let us help bring back your confident smile!

Whether it is dental filling or root canal therapy, our dental team at Nowra Dentists has the best solutions for your cracked teeth!

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