Gum Disease and Management Nowra

Gum Disease and Management

The Problem With Gum Disease

If you have red and inflamed gums, if they easily bleed when you brush your teeth, or if they are painful to the touch, then you may have gum disease or gingivitis. Gum disease is the result of plaque and bacteria build-up leading to infection. It may be localised on a certain area or it can be visible throughout your gums.

Why the need for immediate attention? Gum disease can rapidly progress to serious problems. It can lead to bad breath, painful chewing, and your gums pulling away from your teeth. Over time, the bone surrounding your teeth will also be affected causing irreversible periodontal disease. This will eventually lead to the loosening of your teeth and a change in your bite.

Gum Disease Treatments Nowra

Given the plethora of issues that gum disease can give, how do we manage it? First is through preventative procedures such as regular visits with your Nowra dentist for check-up and teeth cleaning and practicing good at-home oral care routine. This will ensure that bacteria are never given a chance to invade your mouth and cause problems. Good oral hygiene is the key to preventing gum disease.

However, if the problem is already at hand, your dentist will need to remove irritants causing the infection. Deep teeth scaling is done to remove plaque and hard calculus underneath the gums. Then the rough spots are smoothened to avoid bacteria from reattaching on your teeth.

Avoid having to go through intense dental work and visit your dentist as soon as you encounter the early signs of gum disease! Otherwise, if bone damage is present, surgical measures may be recommended.

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Contrary to what many think, oral health is directly related to your general health and vice versa. So yes, the problems with your teeth and gums will affect the rest of your body. As for untreated gum disease, bacteria from the mouth can travel throughout your body by means of the blood vessels, and when it reaches the heart, you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular or heart disease.


Another link to both dental and general health is that patients who have gum disease find it harder to control diabetes. This is because of the increased bacterial growth in the mouth due to high blood sugar levels from diabetes. If hygiene is not well-maintained, bacteria will continue to multiply which will promote a decline in both oral and body health.


The first step to taking care of our patients

At Nowra Dentists, the first step to taking care of our patients is by constantly reminding them of the importance of preventative measures.

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