Root Canal Treatment at Nowra

Root Canal Treatment

Preserving the Beauty of Your Natural Teeth

Root canal treatment at Nowra is a way to save a tooth in bad condition. As a dentist in Nowra that practices conscious Dentistry, we always advocate for preserving the tooth and doing our best to rejuvenate its beauty and function. So if dental fillings will not be enough, root canal therapy with Nowra dentists can really help.

Through root canal therapy, a fragile tooth is restored to handle normal functions such as biting and chewing. And its beauty is enhanced to look like your natural tooth!

When is a Root Canal Treatment Needed?

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root canal therapy involves meticulous treatment planning and procedures so be sure to go to an experienced and qualified root canal dentist at Nowra like Nowra Dentist.

Initial Dental Exam

digital X-rays will be taken to determine if root canal therapy is the best solution for you. It will also help with understanding the health of your tooth and the best process to do to achieve a favourable outcome.

Removal of tooth decay

decayed and fractured parts are removed and a small opening to the inside of the tooth is made to provide easier visualisation. A local anaesthetic will be used to keep the procedure relatively painless.

Cleaning and shaping the tooth canal

then, the tooth will be cleaned to disinfect bacteria and remove infection. This will allow healing to begin. X-rays will be taken throughout the process to ensure all infection is eliminated.

Root canal medication

antibacterial medication and dental seal are added to prevent reinfection.

Tooth restoration

once the root canal is perfectly cleaned and healed, your dentist at Nowra will recommend either a dental crown or a restorative inlay or onlay to strengthen the tooth so it looks, feels, and functions as normal, without discomfort.

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Many argue of the importance of root canal treatment. But trust us when we say that it is a worthwhile process instead of resorting to tooth extraction and eventual dental implants or dentures. With root canal, you get to keep your natural tooth and improve its strength and beauty! That means you do not need tooth replacement procedures. If well maintained, your root canal treatment will keep your tooth intact for a lifetime!

Effective root canal therapy!

Nowra Dentists has the skill, knowledge, and experience for safe and effective root canal therapy!

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