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Worn Down Teeth

What is Worn Down Teeth?

Do you experience progressive decrease with the height of your teeth? Do your teeth look smaller and flat on the edges? Then you may have a condition called worn down teeth where there is loss of tooth enamel and reduction of teeth edges. 

Worn down teeth is common with age. After all, you use your teeth every day for biting and chewing so it is normal for the teeth edges to slowly wear down. Worn down teeth is also a result of oral habits that induce heavy and consistent force on the teeth which flattens the edges such as when you grind or clench your teeth.

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Worn down teeth can cause tooth sensitivity, easy tooth breakage, and difficulty in chewing. At Nowra Dentists, we have several worn down teeth treatments for our patients so they can have their healthy and confident smile back.

Aged and worn down teeth can be fixed with tooth bonding, dental crowns, or dental veneers. Tooth bonding is the quickest and most affordable option of the three. It involves the use of tooth-coloured composite fillings shaped to the likeness of your teeth. This is a good treatment option but it is prone to eventual fracture.

If you are looking for a more long-term solution, consider investing in dental crowns or dental veneers. Dental crowns require the circumference of the tooth to be shaved off to make space for the more durable and natural-looking crowns. For a more conservative approach, dental veneers are also an excellent fix! This treatment needs only the surface of the tooth to be reshaped. You can achieve a beautiful smile faster and with less damage to your natural teeth.

Nowra Dentists will understand your personal preferences and goals for the treatment so they can recommend the best solution to achieve your dream smile!

Mouth guards in Nowra for Worn Down Teeth

If your worn down teeth is due to bad oral habits, then it is best to address and manage these first before considering tooth bonding or dental veneers as teeth grinding or clenching can cause eventual damage to these restorations.

worn down teeth repair treatment

For dental management of teeth grinding and clenching, mouth guards are recommended. These are custom-fitted trays that are fit your teeth to protect them from the consequences of teeth grinding. When the mouth guard has eased your grinding habits, then that may be the time that your dentist will suggest teeth restoration procedures to fix your smile.

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