Single and Multiple Tooth Implants Nowra

Single and Multiple Tooth Implants

Complete Your Smile with Single or Multiple Tooth Implants

Depending on what your smile needs, we offer Single or Multiple Tooth Implants. Single tooth implants are composed of 1 dental implant system to replace a single missing tooth. Meanwhile, multiple tooth implants involve a number of dental implant systems which are fixed in the jaw to support multiple tooth replacement. Then, it will be attached with either a bridge or a denture to fill in the gaps of missing teeth.

A missing tooth can already greatly affect your life, what more if you have a series or a full set of missing teeth. At Nowra Dentists, we provide modern and effective solutions to missing teeth that not only enhances your smile but also improves your oral health.

Dental Implants Process, Nowra Dentists

1 Initial Consultation – the treatment starts with determining if you are a suitable dental implant candidate. Several factors will be taken into consideration such the health of your jawbone, space to accommodate the dental implants, and your general health.

2. Surgery Evaluation – at Nowra Dentists, we have Digitally Guided Dental Implant Surgery procedures in place to precisely plan your treatment to the tee. For patients who need multiple tooth replacement, our dentist at Nowra will identify the best number of dental implants needed to functionally support the future bridge or denture attachment.

Multiple Tooth Implants

3. Dental Implant Surgery – then, you will be scheduled for your surgery where our dentists will also be assisted with technology to visualise the surgery site and place the implants with pristine accuracy. This will guarantee long-term success of the implant treatment.

4. Recovery and Healing – a few months will be needed to fuse the bone around the dental implant to ensure a strong and stable foundation for your tooth replacement.

5. Placement of Restorative Attachment – and when everything is in order and the dental implant has integrated with your jawbone, the single or multiple tooth replacement will be placed on top of it to renew your smile!

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Your dental implants are now your new teeth so they must be taken care of the same way you do with your natural teeth. Properly brush and floss them so they remain healthy and functional in your mouth. Also, regularly visit your dentist for a comprehensive dental check-up and teeth cleaning.

With optimal oral health, your brand new smile with dental implants will last you a lifetime!

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